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    Module #2

    • Module 2A - Why it is easy to Spend Baby Spend!
    • Module 2a: Exercises 1-2
    • Module 2b - Money Fallacies
    • Module 2b: Exercise 3 - Build Your Money Fallacy Awareness Muscle

Social proof: testimonials

Steve and Michelle

Cut through the confusion!

Steve and Michelle

"Lynda helps you cut through the confusion to understand your spending habits and helps build a suitable plan to address your underlying needs. Let’s just say it was a challenge getting aligned to achieve our long term financial goals before we started working with Lynda. Budgets don’t work for everyone, us included. So, Lynda provided us with workable options that didn’t include a strict budget. It is exciting to say that we now have a savings plan in place for an annual overseas family holiday without needing to put it on the credit card! Our long term financial retirement plan is also on track.
Brian & Tom

Budgeting isn't the only way!

Brian & Tom

We were referred to Money Mentalist by our financial advisor as we had just embarked on our first rental property investment. Their programme helped us completely change our mindset on money by realising that budgeting isn’t the only way to get ahead. Becoming more aware of why we were spending made a very real difference and helped us look at ways we could satisfy the same needs without spending as much. Apart from that, saving has become a real joy. It doesn’t feel as if we’ve changed our lifestyle one bit and still travel as we always have. The big difference between now and a year ago before going through the Money Mentalist programme is that our savings are growing faster than expected and we’re excited by just how much. We recommend Lynda and Simon without any hesitation. Their passion and enthusiasm are genuine and they have an ongoing commitment to our success. We couldn’t have achieved what we have without them.

Lynda Moore

A co-founder of Money Mentalist with a post-graduate in psychology. Lynda has also studied money psychology under psychiatrist Dr David Krueger MD, Houston, USA. With more than 20 years in her own accounting practice, Lynda brings unique business abilities and an in-depth financial professional background to her integration of psychology and neuroscience with Mentor Coaching. “I have felt your pain and frustration. I have been there. I have badly managed my money, very badly in fact, I was $600,000 in debt. And me an accountant! Looking at my numbers it was easy to spot, I simply over spent. But knowing my numbers didn’t explain how I got myself in that mess – or how to get out of it. After a good deal of research, I discovered that it’s more than just numbers that drives our money behaviour; money has a secret language. You see, if it was all about numbers, life would be simple. But it’s not because money is emotional. That was the ‘aha moment’! When I realised if money is emotional, then we need to look at our mindset, our money mindset – technically called our money psychology. And that sent me back to university to find the answers and later, studying money psychology under psychiatrist Dr. David Krueger.”